In the Brewhouse

The Brewhouse contains recipes for brewing beer, mead, wine, and other beverages.  

This site is written with the assumption that you know how to brew and that you possess the equipment to do so.  If you do not, before you try any of the recipes on this site, you should take advantage of your local homebrew store (I'm sure there's a handful of them in your not-too-distant locale) and purchase a homebrew starter kit.  This will come with most of the equipment you'll need, and usually a good starter book.  Make a couple of practice batches.

Homebrewing is one of those unique hobbies that you get into to save money and end up spending twice as much on, but it's worth it.  But just so you know, if you're thinking about getting into homebrewing, what you save on buying beer at the store you're going to make up for in buying the Latest Fancy Gadget to add to you new obsession.  If you're a kitchen gadget person, be especially wary, because beer has all its own gadgets, and they're like Pokémon: You have to get them all!  Eventually, you'll have a fully stocked brewing operation, and right around your third decade in you might start recouping some of your losses before you have to start replacing all your gadgets again.  Personally, i'm only about halfway there.

There are all sorts of things you can brew, but what we'll be talking about on these pages will mostly fall into a few basic categories: