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Cider is a great, easy, low-overhead sort of drink to make, and takes about the same time to brew as beer (though it can also be aged like wine).  Cider is generally made from apples or pears.  This is one of the most basic recipes, and nearly everyone has a grandfather or uncle or neighbor who tells stories about making it Back In The Day, usually involving scary equipment like bathtubs, wash basins, garden hoses, bailing twine, and various other things that we no longer need to use, because Prohibition is over!  Just go out and buy a nice beer kit with a primary and secondary fermenter and that's really all you need.

By the way, there is a large contingent of Little Old Mountain Ladies from my Neck-o-the-Woods who insist that once you've made your cider, you should freeze it and throw away everything that freezes.  What's left is the highly alcoholic Apple Jack.  If done right, this is one way to get around the distilling laws.  If done wrong, this will make you go blind or kill you.  If i ever learn of a genuinely safe and effective way to make this work, i'll let you know.  In the meantime, just don't do it. 

(By the way, the more insistent the Little Old Mountain Lady, the more dangerous the recipe.  When they start talking about bathroom chemicals that help the alcohol separate - "Don't worry, it sinks to the bottom!" - just back away slowly.)