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I've only ever made one type of mead, which is arguably not actually mead, as it's not made with honey; technically is is acerglyn.  Actually, that's not true.  I've made many a mead in my day.  Let's just say that the only one worth drinking was not made with honey.  And for the record, metheglyn is disgusting, even for medicine, and i'm not just saying that as someone who has a mild allergy to honey.

By the way, the generic term "mead" actually encompasses a great number of different beverages, all with variant names.  Here's the technical breakdown if you're curious (and this list is by no means exhaustive):
  • Mead: Honey (or other sugar).
    • Melomel: Honey and fruit, and contains more specific types such as:
      • Cyser: Honey and apples.
      • Perry: Honey and pears.
      • Pyment: Honey and grapes.
        • Hippocras: Pyment sweetened with honey and mixed with spices.
      • Rhodomel: Honey and rose hips.
      • Morat: Honey and mulberries.
    • Braggot: Honey and hops and/or malt.
    • Acerglyn: Maple syrup (with or without honey).
    • Metheglin: Honey and herbs.
In addition, there are many different types of fermented honey in various combinations from around the world whose names haven't quite made it into common english usage:
  • Sima is a finnish mead made with lemon and raisins.
  • Tej is an ethiopian mead made with a type of buckthorn.
  • Acan is a native mexican variety of mead.
  • Gverc is a croatian type of metheglin.
  • Półtorak is one of many polish mead variations.
I've also recently seen a lot of mead neologisms appearing, which can be created on-the-fly by supplying the proper latin term (or sometimes greek) and tacking -mel onto the end.  Like "vaccinimel," which i just made up, made from honey and blueberries.  Here, i'll make up a handful of them for you and see if any come into popular use:
  • Vaccinimel: Honey and blueberries.
  • Mespilomel: Honey and medlar.
  • Cydonimel: Honey and quince.
  • Actinidimel: Honey and kiwi fruit.
  • Cerasomel: Honey and cherries (this one may already exist).
  • Rubomel: Honey and blackberries or raspberries.
  • Sambucamel: Honey and elderberry.
  • Persicamel: Honey and peaches.