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Chili Powder

I've had to make chili powder in a pinch a few times now, and i'm sad to say this isn't quite as good as the store-bought stuff, though I'm working on improving the recipe.  It definitely works in a pinch, though (pun intended).  I think the first step in improving the recipe will be to add actual measurements.

dried cayenne peppers (about 8?)
whole cumin (1/2 tbsp?)

black peppercorns (1 tbsp?)

corriander (1 tsp?)

paprika (2 tsp?)
 a little
oregano (1 tsp?)
garlic powder (2 tsp?)
  • Put all ingredients in a spice grinder and grind until completely pulverized.  Makes about 2-3 tbsps chili powder.
  • Don't even bother trying this with a mortar and pestle.  It will only bring you sadness.
  • Removing the seeds from the dried chilis will make a mild chili powder.  The more seeds, the hotter it gets.
  • Try 3 dried cayenne peppers and 6 ancho chilis instead of all cayenne - I've done this both ways and have not noticed a difference, but a little old mexican woman told me to do this, and i believe her.
The next time i make chili, i'll perfect this recipe and bring you something better than "in a pinch."